Simon Schindler

Simon Schindler

Schindler wurde 1976 in Fulda geboren, studierte Cello und erlernte auch das Dirigieren. In Fulda und Würzburg gründete er Orchester.

(EN:) born in 1976 in Fulda he got music lessons at age 5. With 8 he began studying Cello at the local music school, then he did a lot with chamber music and worked himself into orchestra literature. His autodidactical conducting abilities were completed by studies with KMD Gunther-Martin Göttsche and Prof. Peter Winkler.
After his “Abitur” (about high school degree) he wrote music critics and conducted a lot of sacred music recitals with amateur ensembles. Then he founded the Fulda Symphony Orchestra together with Karsten Aßmann, Dorothea Heller and Albert Flügel in 1999. For his cultural work he got the “Paul-Harris-Fellow” award by the local Rotary club. From 1997 to 2003 he studied medicine in Würzburg/Germany, since 2004 he is scientific assistant at the neuro-surgical university hospital Würzburg.


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