Adam Dachmann

Adam Dachmann

Adam Dachmann komponiert meist Klaviermusik. Er schrieb auch ein Kinderbuch.

(EN:) Adam has been called a healer. His music considered to be from a realm of peace and possibility. Interestingly, he happens to be a well trained general surgeon. And while medicine has received much of his focus over the years, music has been on his mind since childhood. Trained classically, Adam quickly became his teacher’s prodigy and competed nationally.
As the years passed, he became interested in composing his own music. Formal training in theory, jazz, improvisation, orchestration and production led to a seasoned young composer who still had to mature. So what better place to do it than in medical school. A graduate of the class of 1990 Adam went on to complete a surgical residency and set up a practice near Madison, WI. He released “Echoes In The Canyon” in 1998—his first solo CD. In 2002 he released “Center of My Heart.” In 2005 he released “Keys of Hope.”


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