Gary Cantlon

Gary Cantlon

Gary Cantlon ist ein pensionierter HNO-Arzt, der beim Straßenmusikfestical in Spokane mit seinem Klavier auf seinem Pickup spielte.

(EN:) Small crowd but big tunes. Gary Cantlon pounds the keyboard from the back of his pickup parked across from Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane, Wednesday June 15, 2022, during the annual Street Music fundraiser.  (Christopher Anderson For The Spokesman-Review) Cantlon, a retired ear, nose and throat doctor who worked in the Spokane area for more than 40 years, was one of more than 50 acts busking for donations to Second Harvest Inland Northwest during the 20th annual Street Music Week in downtown Spokane.

Cantlon taught himself piano after he retired. He said he’s always loved playing music, and used to play the bass in a band composed of fellow ear, nose and throat doctors. They went by the name “Snot Bad,” Cantlon said .

“A bunch of the doctors were musicians so we all played,” Cantlon said. “We made our staff suffer.” Cantlon played a stand-up piano in the back of his crimson Ford F-350 across the street from Riverfront Park, playing hits from artists from several eras, including the Eagles and Bruno Mars. A sign on the side of the truck read “without music and food, life would B# (be flat).”

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