Medical Musical Group

Medical Musical Group

Ursprünglich vom VA – Veteran Affairs Department entstanden, ist das NMMG Orchester wohl das erste große Ärzteorchester mit Chor und jährlicher Tourneereise und wohl das größte der USA.

Award-winning MMG is considered the world’s premier integrated medical chorale and symphony orchestra. Core members are “healers” – doctors, nurses and community volunteers from Veterans and other US medical centers and schools all over the USA. MMG’s mission is to perform “Music with a Message” – of healing, hope, inspiration, patriotism at home; and peace and international brotherhood and sisterhood overseas.  We deeply cherish America’s veterans, and share a genuine and heartfelt concern for their issues. 

NMMG in Genf | Ginevra 2011, Wolfgang Ellenberger Soloist and conducting



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