Millie-Mae Adams

Millie-Mae Adams

Millie-Mae Adams, eine 20-jährige, Walisisch sprechende Medizinstudentin von Cardiff wurde zur Miss Wales 2023.

Millie-Mae ist in ihrem ersten Studienjahr und hat das allererste Straßenärzte-team für den Südwesten des Landes gegründet.

Die Street Doctors trainieren junge Leute, wie Leben gerettet werden können, sie sind eine nationale Organisation.

In ihrer Zeit als Miss Wales möchte sie ein 8-Minuten-Lebensrettungsprogramm auf Walisisch schaffen.

Weitere Informationen auf englisch:

Millie-Mae’s passion for Welsh has led her to sign up as a ‘siarad volunteer’ for @llywodraeth which is a Welsh Government campaign aiming to increase the number of Welsh speakers to one million Welsh 2050. 

She also posts videos in both English and Welsh on her social media platforms to help educate people on important medical issues like how to use and EpiPen and how to check your breasts for lumps in support of breast cancer awareness.

Around a year ago, Millie-Mae was  diagnosed with Alopecia Areata –and while she describes it as one of her ‘lowest days to date’,  Millie-Mae used her platform as a Miss Wales finalist to inspire other young girls that it’s ok to be different and that there is beauty in diversity.

Millie-Mae has also attended summer courses at one of the leading academic institutions in the world – Yale College in the USA – and is also an ambassador for Calan Domestic Violence Services working towards ending domestic violence in Wales.

 The Miss Wales 2023 final took place on Saturday night at The Riverfront in Newport and celebrated the achievements of 28 young women from around Wales in front of a crowd of supporters.

The final  involved three appearances on the stage including the patriotic Welsh wear opener; a red dress catwalk; and the traditional evening wear parade. All finalists also had one to one interviews with a panel of six judges.

As well as the catwalk event, the contestants took part in a Miss Wales Empowerment Day to help them in their personal development and leadership skills and attended a Miss Wales Charity Ball where Millie-Mae was also presented with the ‘Spirit of Miss Wales’ Award for her work with Street Doctors.

In the run up to the event, Millie-Mae and the other finalists had been tasked with fundraising for Beauty With A Purpose, the Miss World charity which helps disadvantaged children worldwide.

Millie- Mae said: “I am so excited to have this opportunity to support the Welsh language and educate on medical matters through my position as Miss Wales. More than anything though, I would like to tell young women and girls in Wales to believe in themselves because we all have a unique contribution we can make in the world.”

Now, Millie-Mae will combine her studies with a year of appearances as Miss Wales and will have the privilege of representing Wales at Miss World next year.

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