Albrecht von Haller

Albrecht von Haller

Albrecht von Haller (also known as Albertus de Haller; 16 October 1708 – 12 December 1777) was a Swiss anatomistphysiologistnaturalist, encyclopedist, bibliographer and poet. A pupil of Herman Boerhaave, he is often referred to as “the father of modern physiology.”[1][2]

His botanic abbreviation is “Haller”, also used as “Hall.”

AS author his monumental work is Die Alpen.

In “Die Alpen” are notes pointing out some plants of his main botanic work Enumeratio methodica stirpium Helvetiae indigenarum:


  • Die Gattung Halleria L. der Pflanzenfamilie der Stilbaceae wurde zu Ehren Hallers benannt.



  • The Haller Rocks, in the antarctic Palmer-Archipel, wear his name since 1960.


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