Choir of the University of Medical Sciences Poznan

Choir of the University of Medical Sciences Poznan

Choir of the University of Medical Sciences, founded by Dr. George Fischbach  – doctor and conductor in one person, exists since 1959. Choir is an important artistic element of his alma mater, performing at numerous academic events. Takes an active part in the cultural life of the city and the country. The choir has repeatedly regular concerts „Poznań Choral Meetings”, „Musica Sacra”, „Feast Choral”, „Teachers and their choirs”, „Concerts Fair”, „Choirs, Organ and …” and others. Collaborated with the National Philharmonic orchestras in Poznań, Wrocław and Koszalin and the Symphony Orchestra of the Music Academy in Poznan, Chamber Orchestra of the Mieczyslaw Karłowicz National High School of Music in Poznan, Orchestra of the Eighth Day and more recently with the European Medical Students and Doctors’ Orchestra (EMSO 2004) – performing vocal and instrumental works by Handel, Vivaldi, Zwierzchowski, Mozart, Beethoven, Verdi, Kilar, Moniuszko, Czyz, Debski, Stalmierski, Kozub and others. The band has in its repertoire also dozens of a cappella choral works by Polish and other nations composers . The choir has performed for Pope John Paul II at the Vatican and the Belgian royal couple Neerpelt and the President of Hungary in Budapest. Collaborated with distinguished conductors as Henryk Czyż, Renard Czajkowski, Agnieszka Duczmal, Marcin Sompoliński, Volker Hartung and soloists Eve Werke, Grazyna Flicińską-Panfil, Antonina Kowtunow, Czeslaw Niemen, Jan A. P. Kaczmarek, Maja Urbanek and others.

The choir has won 17 top prizes and awards choral competitions and festivals in Poland, France, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Hungary. Also performed in Great Britain, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. The choir has made several recordings for radio and television in the country and abroad. In 1995 choir recorded the first team in the history of the CD. Another – with a repertoire of Christmas carols – was recorded in November 1999 by the Choir „Graduate” Medical Academy. Choir last album was recorded in 2008. This time is based on the popular music, but it appeared on folk songs and sacred.

In 1997, in addition to 40-year tradition of cultivating student choral group – created the Choir „Graduate” UM, which consists of young academics Academy of Medical Sciences in Poznan and health care – and choir graduates of the Medical University.