Mark Tavassol

Mark Tavassol

Mark Tavassol (* 18. February 1974 in Bremen) is a German musician, composer, songwriter, singer, music producer and MD. He got well-known as bass player and guitarist of the band Gloria.

Tavassol is son of an Iranian father and a German mother and lived in Teheran in his first years. After the Abitur he studied medicine in Hamburg and got his degree in 2001.

He joineed the band “Wir sind Helden” and he works in several TV productions as in a late-night-show.

His humanitarian engagement is for several organisations:

Benny Adrions organisation Viva con Agua
With Bela BMarcel Eger and Renate Eger he is founder of the “Viva con Agua Stiftung”. Beneficial football game Kicken mit Herz.

Beside Wir sind Helden he works as musician and songwriter for Emma6 (Paradiso),[4] Olli Schulz,[5] Jessica McIntyre (Sam Ragga Band) or Ingo Pohlmann.
With TV-Moderator Klaas Heufer-Umlauf he founded the band Gloria
It can be seen as political engagement that he directs the studio band of the show Late Night Berlin.




‎Gloria – Album von GLORIA – Apple Music

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