Isabel Serrano Tendero

Isabel Serrano Tendero

Multitalent from Barcelona!

Hi, Wolfgang.

Nowadays and for a month I am going to be very busy -exams-. (July 2005). But you can see some photos of me playing the piano -and other instruments- They are from an (very) old program of a concert in my faculty in 2003 [ ] here in Tenerife. 
Some other hobbies: swimming -better at the sea- or going on bike, reading, drawing with fountain pen,  various incursions in other instruments and music groups -orchestra, chamber music, music band, big band-… I have done some interventions in medical students congresses, or a web page about pathology..  [ÓN%2074.htm ]   A beginning, but with the time, I would like to make my own web page as you..-. 

Best regards, 

Isabel Serrano Tendero
Medicine & Piano Student



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