Johann Grobbelaar

Johann Grobbelaar

MD in Afrika, paints incredible naturalistic pictures!

it seems to be his son who publishes similarly phantastic photos on facebook:

and who has written me an email with the pictures from his father:

Dear Wolfgang

Since my father, Dr Johann Grobbelaar, doesn’t have access to email I’m

sending this to you on his behalf:

Johann’s first encounter with the African bush and wildlife was at an early

age in the Kruger National Park which he visited often. 17 years ago he

acquired a bungalow in a private game reserve adjacent to Kruger. He spends

all his free time in the bush and often visits game parks in Africa. Through

many hours of keen observation spent over the years, he has developed an

intimate knowledge of the African wildlife. Johann, as well as his son and

daughter-in-law are also keen photographers with highly sophisticated

equipment. In short, Johann loves the bush and everything that goes with it.

I’m adding some of his work as attachments.

Thank you for your interest. Please let me know if you need more images or

anything else.

Kind regards

Johann Grobbelaar (Jnr).