Kathy Brown

Kathy Brown

hi wolfgang
info about me may be seen at www.myspace.com/kathymbrown  and allaboutjazz.com-do musicians search for kathy brown. my cd is just coming out and i just had a cd and performance debut in toronto, canada on august 5 2007. so i will let you know when i can send my cd and of course i would love a copy of yours. and sure you may go ahead and present me at doctorstalents.com. i refer to myself as a part time doctor and a full time musician!

Kathy Brown began playing the piano before the age of 5 years. Initially self taught in reading and playing ‘by ear’ -” I somehow just heard music and started playing it”-, she eventually did classical piano up to grade 6(Royal School of Music,England). She then had intermittent classes in jazz piano after completing her university studies in medicine (U.W.I.,Jamaica). Today, the medical doctor is an accomplished pianist/keyboard player in a wide variety of musical styles. Kathy Brown and Friends band (formed in 2002) performs refreshingly creative arrangements of songs while exploring many different musical rhythms including latin, jazz, funk/pop, reggae, mento and other indigenous/alternative forms. The band usually presents instumental music (originals and covers) with optional vocals. Kathy Brown is also the toast of a number of special event occasions including banquets, weddings, and corporate functions where she often performs solo. ‘Kathy Brown and Friends’ has performed on a wide variety of stages in Jamaica including: -the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival(Jan.2004-2007) -the Ocho Rios Jazz Festival(2005,2007) -the Pegasus Jazz in the Gardens series(2003,2004,2006,2007) -the Jazz on the Green series(2004-2007) -the Barbados Jazz Festival Launch(2003) -Emancipation Park Concert series(2003-2006) -the Red Bones Blues Cafe(2002-2004), the Rib Kage Restaurant(2002-2004), and Christopher’s Jazz Cafe(the Quad)(2005-present). Kathy has performed with internationally renowned jazz guitarist Dr. Ernest Ranglin, pop/reggae music recording star Ritchie Stephens, and has composed/arranged music for many choral groups with whom she has performed/toured. The band is in the process of completing it’s debut album-date tba.

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