Kuba Sienkiewicz

Kuba Sienkiewicz

What can we say about Jakub “Kuba” Sienkiewicz? Well, he staunchly refuses to be put in any sort of box, that’s for sure. Put him in the eccentric pop/rock musician box? You’ll learn he’s also a practicing MD. And a guy who looks and sounds so friendly could never come up with strange, ironic, weird lyrics like these, right?

So, yeah, he might be just a little bit Crazy Sane. And slightly cool. Has covered a lot of Jacek Kleyff (communist-era poet and comedian) songs, most famously Telewizja, and cooperates with his fellow doctor/musician, the legendary skiffler Zacier.

No relation. (That we know of.) He is however a nephew of a famous Polish actress Krystyna Sienkiewicz, known from comedic routines and movies.

He is leader of the Pop-/Rock band ElektryczneGitary

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