Physician Singers of Zagreb

Physician Singers of Zagreb

(EN): It is a well-known fact that many physicians choose hobbies like painting, literature, photography for their leisure activities. However, far the greatest number are music lovers and practise singing or playing various instruments. Some doctors have become successful composers (e.g. Julije Bajamonti from Split, Andro Torkvat Brlic from Nova Gradiska, Nenad Grcevic, Milutin Vandekar, Nikica and Stipica Kalogjera all from Zagreb, the Ipavec brothers from Slovenia, the famous Russian composer Alexander Borodin). There had always been a serious need for an organized cultural activity within the Croatian Medical Association. Between the two world wars members of the Croatian Medical Association founded a choir and organized public performances. They sang for the first time in 1935 at a Red Cross performance conducted by a famous Croatian conductor and composer Boris Papandopulo. However, the choir lasted for a very short time. In 1937 it was reestablished under the conductor Dr. Vilko Panac, ofthalmologist and the Head of Department for Eye Diseases of the Sveti Duh Hospital in Zagreb. Unfortunately, this choir did not last long either. Neither is there sufficient information about its members from that period. All those choirs could not live long because their members and soloists were already engaged in other well-known ensembles like KoloLisinski etc. Here are just a few names: Bozidar Spisic, Aleksandar Manzoni, Josip Breitenfeld, Vilko Panac, Vera Quinz-Mihaljinec. Immediately upon World War II a choir of physicians was founded; among its members there were — still students in those days — some of the present members: Skrgatic, Tomasic, Dasovic, Krajac and Zergollern. Since that time until 1968 there were no organized cultural activities within the Croatian Medical Association.



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