The Weill Cornell Music  Medicine Initiative

The Weill Cornell Music Medicine Initiative

A collaborative student-run effort to support medical students and professionals in musical pursuits and to further the understanding of music in medicine.

Music as Medicine

Through Weill Cornell’s affiliation with New York Presbyterian Hospital, the students and faculty of the Music and Medicine Initiative are developing partnerships to integrate music into medical practice.

Music in the Community

Bringing music to the Weill Cornell and New York City community is a vital part of our mission. We have organized benefit concerts for GHESKIO, Kokoro no Care, and the Weill Cornell Community Clinic, in addition to performing at institute events.

Lectures and Seminars

Informational events allow students and members of our academic community to explore the relationship between music and medicine. Recent topics have included historical perspectives on music and medicine, music therapy for inpatient care, and the science of musical phenomena.

The Art of Collaboration

In addition to working with medical departments at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical College, the Music and Medicine Initiative has built relationships with some of the world’s foremost musical institutions, which provide our students with unique opportunities for mentorship, partnership, and growth. In return, we provide specialized medical care to their musicians and organize seminars on performing arts medicine targeted towards musicians. Students and faculty of The Juilliard School have partnered with WCMC to shape the Music and Medicine Initiative. Juilliard faculty members volunteer as coaches, and students at the two schools often collaborate to organize and perform at events



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