Andreas Diemer

Andreas Diemer

Whenever my profession leaves some time, I take my trumpet and play jazz. Originally educated as a cello player, I soon felt the borders of classical music too close. I needed more freedom to express myself, to play my own music, to create chorusses, arrangements and compositions and to play “dirty” notes when I wanted. So jazz has become my passion for almost 40 years. I play by myself, in a sextett !ALIVE!, in a Big Band Jazz Association Orchestra or in a piano/flugelhorn duo. Being influenced by the great Dutch flugelhorn player Ack van Rooyen I am glad to live in a deep friendship with him for many years. So the flugelhorn became more and more my favorite instrument, furthermore due to it’s smoothness and warm tone, especially when playing ballads.
im Untertext ist erklärt, dass Andreas Diemer auch Physiker ist


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