Echte Ärzte (True Docs Rock Band)

Echte Ärzte (True Docs Rock Band)

Dear colleague Ellenberger, here a short text about our band “ECHTE AERZTE”:

“echte aerzte” is a doctors’ band which was founded in 2001 at the Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin. It became known as “Dancing Patellas” –
the name of the former band of keyboarder Hannes Haberl during his Munich -period. We changed out name as the munich band tries to start a revival


Dr. med. Nina Bluemchen, (pediatrician, vocals)
PD. Dr. med. Hannes Haberl (neuro-surgeon, keyboards,arrangements)
Prof.Dr. Thomas Lempert (neurologist, guitar).
Prof. Dr. med. Bodo Niggemann (pediatrician, drums, vocals)
Dr. med. Arpad von Moers (pediatrician, saxophone)
Dr. med. Markus Schmidt (pediatrician, bass)

Our repertoire (about three hours) is based on german “Schlager” and 60’s and 70’s oldies. We submit the songs to subtile microsurgical changes of
arrangement and speed, achieving surprising, sometimes dazzling effects.

We are performing on the occasion of national and international medical congresses, the “Frankfurter Buchmesse” at the “Roter Salon” of the
“Berliner Volksbuehne” as well as the Kreuzberger Punk-Kult-Laden “SO 36” our annual famous christmas concert.

Hannes Haberl


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