Eli Newberger

Eli Newberger

For more than 30 years, Dr. Newberger’s consolation at the end of stressful workdays was his weekly gigs as tuba player for the New Black Eagle Jazz Band. As he left the clinic and entered Boston’s jazz scene, he moved from a world filled with misery to one teeming with creative energy. “At five I leave the clinic and forty-five minutes later I pull into a parking lot outside Coffee, Tea, and Melody, the pub the Black Eagles have been playing since 1995,” he wrote in Doctors Afield. “I take off my tie, pull the tuba out of the trunk, and enter a different world. Here, injustice does not prevail, there is a sadness but not misery, and every moment of improvisation carries with it a prospect of redemption. Indeed, ‘mistakes’ in jazz improvisation become platforms for new ideas, not catastrophes that destroy lives.”


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