Karl-Heinz Bomberg

Karl-Heinz Bomberg

Karl-Heinz Bomberg (* 30. September1955 in Creuzburg) is a German specialist for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy as well as Anästhesy and Intensive medicine. Toda yhe works in his own office as psycho-analyst and is teacher and supervisor of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Psychoanalyse und Psychotherapie Berlin (APB).[1] Bomberg is working as Liedermacher and Author of critical and poetic texts.

Kommt ein warmer Wind – A warm wind comes

Karl-Heinz Bomberg is one of the best known singers of the ex GDR.

At times of the GDR he sang in churches at least 50 times a year
and his protest songs were essential for surviving in the communist regime of that time.

So far he has given more than 1000 recitals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, France and Hungary.

When he gave a tape with his recordings to a friend to carry it to the Bavarian Radio station
he had bad luck – since this man was “IM” (part of the secret service). This brough Bomberg to jail for “political reasons”…

Five years later the Berlin wall fell – and Bomberg slightly sang different kinds of songs, more poetical kind.
Although there are occasions to sing the “old” protest songs on congresses or events where this musical
period is estimated.

He published several CDs and is present with his own youtube channel

Visit his homepage: http://www.kh-bomberg.de


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