Louis Mazetier

Louis Mazetier

Louis Mazetier (born February 17, 1960, Paris) is a French stride pianist.

Mazetier began playing jazz at age 14 and by age 18 was performing at jazz clubs in Paris. In addition to his career as a musician, he works full-time as a radiologist.[1] He plays with Paris Washboard and has worked on record with Dick HymanFrancois Rilhac,[2] Alain Marquet, and Neville Dickie, among others, and has released multiple albums as a leader or co-leader. Although he is influenced by earlier jazz pianists, such as Eubie BlakeJames P. JohnsonFats WallerDon EwellJohnny GuarnieriDick Wellstood, and Art Tatum, his greatest influence appears to be American stride pianist, Donald Lambert.


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