Mariku Mitsuyu

Mariku Mitsuyu

Mariko Mitsuyu, born in Osaka/Japan, took piano lessons from age 5 which she continued during her medical studies and practise.

Sincs 1980 she lives in Germany and studied piano in Frankfurt, then also chamber music. Concert exam with Prof. Joachim Volkmann.

She got chamber music prizes and toured USA, Great Britain, Japan, Italy, Egypt, Slowenia and Tschechia.

Since 1998 she has been teaching music at Frankfurt and Leipzig academies.

Travelling to Africa: Ghana 2000, 2002; Tansania (u.a. Sansibar, Kilimandscharo 2003)

Playing soccer with friends (grown-ups and children) on saturdays in Beucha.


renovating an old farm Dreiseithof Polenz

authors and media as: Achebe, Greene, Hardy, Lodge, Rowling, Tolkien, Guardian Weekly

Mariko is WineDoc producing more than 30 sorts of fruit wines as Apfel, Birne, Brennessel, Brombeere, Eberesche, Gelbe Rute, Goldlack, Hagebutte, Holunder, Holunderblüte, Johannisbeere, Löwenzahn, Petersilie-Zwergvogelbeer, Pfefferminze, Preiselbeer, Quitte, Rhabarber, Rhabarber-Ingwer, Ringelblume, Salbei, Sauerkirsch, Süßkirsche, Viktoriapflaume, Waldmeister, Weinblätter, Weißdorn, Zitronenmelisse, Zwetschge!!!
Here trying its taste with her students……