Patrick Simper

Patrick Simper

Here as Sarastro in PDO – Philharmonic Doctors Opera “Magic Flute” by Mozart:
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Patrick Simper: Sarastro , PDO – Philharmonic Doctors Opera

He had been working at the Eulen-Apotheke in Würzburg with pharmacist Rolf E. Schindler who is presented under BalloonDocs

“Paraderolle”: Osmin

Apart from his singing studies at the music academy of Frankfurt/Germany he studied pharmacy at the university of Heidelberg.
He was engaged as soloist at the Mainfranken-Theater in Würzburg/Germany and performed also at opera houses in Bayreuth, Frankfurt, Dortmund and preferrably in France.


Since 2001 he is soloist at the Saarland State Theatre in Saarbrücken, some years later became free-lance singer.

If he does not sing Sarastro, Osmin or Mephisto on stage he dedicates himself to many different music styles.
Beside french, italian, hebrew, northamerican or latin american music his favourite music is russian folk music and classic.