Rainer Swoboda

Rainer Swoboda

Dr. med. Rainer Swoboda, Walldürn * 10. 10. 1950 † 10. 07. 2017

Rainer Swoboda aus Walldürn spielte in zwei Formationen: “Loose chippings” und “James Joyce and friends” in seiner Region mit vielen Auftritten.

Rainer Swoboda played in two formations: “Loose chippings” and “James Joyce and friends” with many performances in his region.

The members:
“James Joyce and friends”: James Joyce (voice, mandolin, entertainment), an Irish musician, who lives in England actually. He comes to Germany for two performances per year, mostly in spring and fall.
Rainer Swoboda(guitar,voice) from Walldürn/Germany
Manfred Klose(accordeon, blues harp, guitar) from Kitzingen/Germany
Uwe and Rosalba Seitz (northumbrian small pipes, banjo) from Sennfeld/Germany.

We play traditional celtic music from Ireland, England ans Scotland. With the music we tell stories from this area. this mixture between text and music is very well received as we have seen in numerous concerts:

  • “Zehntscheuer” Amorbach/Germany
  • “Schlachthof” Walldürn/Germany
  • several other places