Rolf Schindler

Rolf Schindler

Hallo Wolfgang,

a couple of months ago you have asked me to report about my hobbies.
That is a little risky because I am helping many prejudices by that…..

Besides my professions as pharmacist, art dealer and setting up game-automates
I am active in the politics for my profession as pharmacist (as delegate of the
Bavarian pharmacist chamber and regional president of the nationwide association of “active pharmacists”).

In some associations like “wine brethren” and “aviation club” I am in the presidency.

In principle that would do, but the day has 24 hours! So I go fishing and hunting, go by boat and
go flying my balloon (see picture).

Also I fly airplanes and shoot “Vorderlader”, drive bycicle and play golf.

Under the aspect of time that goes very wel because my wife Hanne participates in all of these hobbies apart from flying.

But my favourite hobby is music! I have bought several instruments and try to play “jagdhorn“, trombone,
trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, “Hackbrett“, “Zither“, double bass, hornpipes, drumset, violin, a self-constructed harmonika,
electric organ and last not least piano.

Regular highlights of my little life are the games of chess with my 12-year-old son Michael
having a (big) glass of wine and playing four hands with my little boy.

Sorry that this letter took so long although I have sufficiently time,
but in the beginning I did not find the picture with my balloon…..

Kind regards and see you soon,