Wolfgang Ellenberger

Wolfgang Ellenberger

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Wolfgang Ellenberger, the author of this web site has studied also piano diploma and concert exam besides music therapy.
1987-1989 he worked at the ballet of the Scala of Milano as pianist.
1994 debut as conductor with the Sibirian State orchestra Kemerovo. In the nineties he conducted three choirs and in the opera project Magic Flute.
He has lived three years of his life in a camper on camping sites.
He invented several things: piano-lift-hydraulics, piano fingering system and he introduced cinema therapy to a psychosomatic hospital.
From 1982 to 2000 he managed an event service (see clients list).
In his youth he played a pneumatic organ in a church in Hamburg Altona for 12 years.
Since his workshop with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross he studied spirituality intensively and finally wrote a film script about the communication with the spiritual world according to the book of Johannes Greber.
He produced many hundreds of films for his youtube account and other places.
In 2011 he moved to Switzerland (with two interruptions in Germany) where he likes to hike in the mountains.



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