Hans-Joachim Trappe

Hans-Joachim Trappe

Hans-Joachim Trappe is OrganDoc and has recorded many CDs.

He was born 1954 in Castrop-Rauxel but has lived in Niedersachsen. After his “Abitur” in 1973 in Duderstadt he studied medicine in Göttignen and got his medical degree in 1979. 1981 he got his doctorate degree, 1994 he was called to be professor at the medical university of Hannover, then from 1996 on in Bochum Ruhr-University.

Since he was 15th-year-old he is working as organist. He played organ at the St- Cyriakus-Propsteikirche in Duderstadt, at the Mariendom in Hildesheim, at the St.-Paulus-Dom Münster and at Kölner Dom. 

Recitals in Germany and abroad as well as TV-services at ARD and ZDF made him well-known. He has made several CD-productions for example at the Klais-Organ in the Hildesheimer Dom, at the Silbermann-Organs im Dom and in the Petrikirche in Freiberg/Sachsen and at the Arp-Schnitger-Orgel in the Hauptkirche St. Jacobi in Hamburg. Hans-Joachim Trappe is member of several national and international organ societies.



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