Amedeo String Quartet Japan

Amedeo String Quartet Japan

Violino I : H. MIMURA, Mr. ———— Medical doctor, surgeon
Violino II : M. KAWAMURA, Ms. ——- Violin instructor
Viola : T. NAITOH, Mr. ————– Medical doctor, general practice
Violoncello : M. TANABE, Mr. ——– Kurashiki Symphony (Director)

You must visit their excellent WebPresence! They have really been busy for a long time and have made a thorough research on Mozart´s String Quartetts and about his Travelling.

Listen to their wonderful policy:

Playing music does not mean to imitate the performances of the other players. It means “direct expression of all of ourselves”. That is true not only for professional but non-professional performance.

Fundamentally, music does not exist for small number of professional musicians. Most audience is non-professional music lovers. Some people says “I can not understand classic music”. However music is not the matter of understandable or not understandable. It is essentially pleasant or enjoyable thing and everyone could play their own music with no licenses. Professional musicians make money from their skillful playing technique, while non-professional musician makes money by other socially beneficial ways and could enjoy music purely. Which do you think can enjoy music really? However amateurs are short of the playing technique.



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