Medici Quintett

Medici Quintett

Sabine Weber-Frömmel (left)
studied medicine in Munich/Germany and Marburg and is part-time in a hospital and in her studio as doctor and psychotherapist.
She is mother of two daughters. Member of the Bavarian Doctors orchestra and several other chamber music groups in the area of Allgäu. Franziska Roelcke
Neurologist and psychiatrist as well as mother of three daughters. She studied with E. Triner in Würzburg/Germany, H. Wagner (Cologne), Prof. Profit (Conservatoire superieur de musique, Paris), J. Sutil (munich). She gave violin lessons at the pedagocical academy Göttingen 1981/82, she is member of diverse chamber music formations and of the Chamber Orchestra Regensburg and the Bavarian Doctors Orchestra.

Cello: Simon Lindner (studies chemistry)
Viola: Christina Triebener (music professional in several orchestras)
Clarinet: Isa Bittel MD



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