CD Herbstblatt

CD Herbstblatt

Karl-Heinz Bomberg was a leading singer and regime critic in the ex GDR. Because of his critical texts he had to go in the Stasi prison for some months.

„Herbstblatt“ (Autumn Leaf) – new CD of Karl-Heinz Bomberg 2016

„Herbstblatt – Lieder und Gedichte“ with Karl-Heinz Bomberg and Erika Josephine Kunz is their first album together. This 6th CD contains old an new. Old hits as „Staub auf den Schuhen“ from 1981 and „Sing mein neualtes Lied“ from 1995 are complemented with „Josephine“ and „Zärtliches Grün“ from 2015. Bomberg and Erika Josephine Kunz have performed in Japan and Italy this year By Artychoke Artist Production where you can buy it. Or download:

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