CD Strunk

CD Strunk

Karl-Heinz Bomberg was a leading singer and regime critic in the ex GDR. Because of his critical texts he had to go in the Stasi prison for some months.

„Strunk“ – new CD of Karl-Heinz Bomberg 2020

It is quite a tradition to release a new CD every April by Karl-Heinz Bomberg. On 15th April 2020 this year the ninth CD “Strunk” is released by Artychoke Artist Production with14 guitar songs:

  1. Stück in e
  2. Ein Rag
  3. Der Untergrund
  4. Ragtime in D
  5. Baßübung
  6. Bewegte Ruhe
  7. Stück in A
  8. Tänze
  9. Ragtime in C
  10. Hochzeit
  11. Stück in G
  12. Schlagstücke
  13. Neuer Rag
  14. Strunk

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