Elena Franke

Elena Franke

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Elena Franke

In my art I play with colours and their energy. I want them to create joy and positive emotions to contribute to healing and health.

born in St.Petersburg
in Germany since 1989
Medical Doctor
Since 2015 – Intensification of painting
Projects with Marburger Bund and Hartmannsbund
Exhibition at the Medical Association Potsdam
Solo exhibition in September 2020 Gallery B1 Berlin
Exhibition at Handelszentrum Friedrichstraße September 2021
Participation in charity auctions for the benefit of Kinderschutzbund Berlin
Participation in the project/auction “Art for Ukraine“ 2022
Solo exhibition in August 2022 Gallery B1 Berlin

I have been living in Germany since 1989, most of the time in Berlin, the city of contrasts and different cultures. I was born in St. Petersburg, the city of poetry, music and white nights. As a doctor, I follow the vocation of being there for people. For six years I worked in a children’s hospital in Berlin. After my residency, I went into the pharmaceutical industry, where I have been working internationally for over 20 years. The first years in Germany were not easy, because a new language and the work in the hospital demanded all my energy, leaving little time for other things, including art. In between, I lived in Hamburg, Munich and Baden-Baden and traveled to 36 countries. The many different impressions have shaped me, and the desire arose to pass on these experiences.

Painting has been my hobby since childhood. In the meantime, I am intensively occupied with the effect of colors and their different power. The shape of the circle focuses and centers them. 6 years ago I moved into an apartment where I finally have space for an easel, and since then I paint very intensively. Seven of my paintings have been exhibited at the Brandenburg Medical Association in Potsdam, and one decorates the rooms of the Marburger Bund in Berlin’s Bleibtreustraße. Two medical practices are already furnished with my paintings. At two auctions, art lovers have bought my works for the benefit of the Kinderschutzbund. My paintings have participated in various projects – the Hartmannbund has used a picture of mine as a cover for a card for the appeal for donations, a project is currently underway – “Art for Ukraine” and also the solo exhibition in Berlin Schöneberg.

With my art I want to give the viewer a piece of the positive energy with which I paint my pictures.


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