(Fathijeh) Chantal Mohsenian

(Fathijeh) Chantal Mohsenian

…is PianoDoc, BalletDoc and more.

Born 1958 in Hamburg.
Classical ballett education with a russian teacher (Ludmilla Maltschanova, former solist in Riga and Opera of Hamburg) and with Jane Ibn, teacher from the Royal ballett school in London. Advanced courses in the Centre international de Dance in Cannes (Rosella
Hightower) and in the Broadway Dance Center New York.
Theater Practice in the Opera of Hamburg and other theaters.
Exam in elementary dance practice of the royal ballett academy.
Teacher of Anatomy and Diet at the Academy of Dance Arts in Hamburg and invention of a new method of teaching ballett profis calling “anatomic corrections”.
Performing as a dancer in several theaters in hamburg.

Starting piano playing at the age of five, after ten years of private lessons master lessons at the Musikhochschule Hamburg. Concerts as a child with great success, then with breaks again playing and starting a soloist career as concert pianist since one year.

Studying medicin at the university of hamburg and promotion.
Working in the fields of internal medicin, psychiatry and legal medicine, five years work and research at the University of Eppendorf in Hamburg on the field of legal medicine and pathology, a series of 25 medical publications.
Since 1994 expert of psychiatry for the court of justice and since 2004 also psychotherapist for behavioral therapy.



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