Isabella Vértes-Schütter

Isabella Vértes-Schütter

Isabella Vértes-Schütter (* 22. April 1962 in Hamburg) is a German actress and politician in the senate of Hamburg

Isabella Vértes-Schütter is daughter of the opera singer Helga Pilarczyk. She is widow – her husband Friedrich Schütter was director of the Ernst-Deutsch-Theater in Hamburg – they have two children. Already during school she took acting lessons from Annemarie Marks-Rocke. After the Abitur she studied medicine and studied acting. She wasinvolved with the Hammoniale – Festival der Frauen in the Kampnagel Fabrik. Later she played at the Ernst Deutsch Theater and Thalia Theater (Hamburg). In 1994 she became director of the Hammoniale – Festival der Frauen. Since 1995 Isabella Vértes-Schütter is dierector of the Ernst Deutsch Theaters following her deceased husband.

Isabella Vértes-Schütter is member of the SPD political party. She got mandates in the parliament of Hamburg in 2011 and 2015 and 2020.

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