Milan Linhart

Milan Linhart

Milan Linhart was born on 30. Dezember 1951 in Pribam/CZ. Through guests of his mother who owned a cafe he got in touch with arts from his childhood. Following the wish of his parents he learnt an “ordinary” profession and studied medicine from 1974 on.

But also during his studies Milan Linhart continued painting in oil and with water colors.
Prof. Fiala supported him and helped him to exhibit at the universities of Prag and Pilsen.
From there he moved to Eger (Cheb) where he specialized in Ginecology.

1982 he took the opportunity to to flee to Germany. Here first of all he had to work as a gynaecologist and opened his office in 1993 in Kandel/Germany.

Because he has never let off arts and since he was looking for new challenges he began to work with squared stones, after a crisis he polished them and composed them to mosaics. The coloring of the renessaince, thoughts of french impressionism and the different aspects of jewels and bernstein fascinated him more and more. After discovering the technique of Mondan-gold (24 carate) framing he got the kick to exhibit his new works.

With great excitement he invited for the first exhibition in the “Brandenburger Hof” in Germany´s capital city Berlin. He got visits from top politicians (among them the Kanzler Gerhard Schröder). Following points of his wandering exhibition are Munique and the Starnberg lake in August 2003 in the Dorint hotel in Freiburg.

His objective is to get mosaiques of jewel stones accepted as a new art direction.