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  • Študentski orkester MeAPZ MF Maribor
    Orchestra of the medical faculty Maribor / Slovenia more films:Oskar Stopar | Harmonika MeAPZ MF UM | Baba Yetu MeAPZ MF UM | Ščedrik – Zborovodja Viljem Babič MeAPZ MF UM | Že počiva vsa narava Choir: Moška komorna zasedba Benjamin Britten: The Salley Gardens Jure Preložnik | Miran Pregeljc
  • MedFaculty Ljubliana Guitar Orchestra
    found in youtube channel of Med Faculty Ljubliana
  • Michael Nehls
    Michael Nehls (born October 20, 1962) is a German doctor of medicine, author, and former cyclist. From 1983 until 1989 he studied medicine at the universities of Freiburg and Heidelberg. In 1997, he achieved his postdoctoral lecture qualification in molecular genetics. Nehls authored over 50 scientific publications, two of which were published with the Nobel Prize winners Paul Greengard and Martin Evans. In 2003, after a career in scientific…
  • Korean Doctors Orchestra
    Founded in 2022, excellent Videos in 4K on youtube-channel! youtube facebook instagram
  • Dr Irakli
    Emergency in the Kaukasus: A shepherd is ill. Dr. Irakli (81) packs his saddle, looks for his horse and rides. His Wallach Bitschola (31) and him are the rescue unit in the Georgian Kaukasus going up to 3.500 meters height where there are no roads – the doc has to ride. Until he got pension…
  • Klaus-Gregor Eichhorn
    Klaus-Gregor Eichhorn is Anesthesist in Chemnitz and film director. He has produced several films which are nicely presented on his web site. Born in Karl-Marx-Stadt. Grown up in Chemnitz. Practikum @ Michael Roth, MdB. Direction assistant @ Städtisches Theater Chemnitz. Studies of direction @ Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Stopped this study to become MD. Lives in Chemnitz…
  • Michael Alexander Verhoeven
    Michael Alexander Verhoeven (born in Berlin 13 July 1938 – died in Munich 22 April 2024) was a German film director, screenwriter, film and television producer, actor. He was also a qualified doctor of medicine. He is considered being a politcal filmmaker Michael Verhoeven stems from a theatre and film family, the son of the German film director Paul Verhoeven (1901-1975, not to be confused with the…
  • Roland Kuhn
    HorrorDoc Roland Kuhn (4 March 1912 – 10 October 2005) was a Swiss psychiatrist who discovered that the drug imipramine had antidepressant properties.[1] he was born in Biel and died in Scherzingen. In 1957, Kuhn published the results of his observations of the antidepressant properties of Imipramine in the Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift (Swiss Weekly Medical Journal).[1] More recently, it was discovered that he tested drugs on patients and children…
  • Ludger Iske
    Ludger Iske is running an ioffice for internal medicine in 2024 – but he gives concerts as well in the waiting rooms of his office an others as a wonderful music therapy. In a song he says: „Wir wünschen wunderbare Jahre, die besten Zeiten, die ihr haben wollt – von allen Lieben nur die Wahre,…
  • Johannes Bodky
    Johannes Bodky is Lead-singer of the cand Blue Indigo. Band-Webseite facebook work
  • Mark Tavassol
    Mark Tavassol (* 18. February 1974 in Bremen) is a German musician, composer, songwriter, singer, music producer and MD. He got well-known as bass player and guitarist of the band Gloria. Tavassol is son of an Iranian father and a German mother and lived in Teheran in his first years. After the Abitur he studied medicine in Hamburg and got…
  • Marco Angelini
    Marco Angelini (bürgerlich Marco Angelini-Santner, * 26. Juli 1984 in Voitsberg, Steiermark) ist ein österreichischer Sänger und Songwriter. Von September 2014 bis Juni 2018 hatte er sich ins Privatleben zurückgezogen. Seit Juli 2018 steht er unter dem Pseudonym Da Bua wieder auf der Bühne. Marco Angelini (born on 26 July 1984 in Voitsberg, Steiermark) is an Austrian singer and songwriter, who withdrew from public life in 2014 and started working as…
    She began her singing adventure in 2001 in the Choir of the Medical University of Białystok, conducted by prof. Bożena Sawicka, who, as a conductor and teacher, had the greatest influence on her musical development in the following years.In 2006, she began studies at the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw, at the Instrumental…
  • Bartosz Zwolan
    Bartowz ist Medizinstudent in Warschau und hat Klavier studiert. Bartosz Zwolan is a student of the 3rd year of the Medical University of Warsaw on the Faculty of Medicine. He was born in Zamość where he completed with distinction the State Music School of Karol Szymanowski in 2011. He performed concerts both as a soloist…
  • WUM Orchestra Warshawa
    Founded in 2007 – participated in EMSO orchestra project Poland website Orkiestra WUM
  • Marcus Weinemacher
    Marcus is blues guitar player and singer! And pianist and accordeonist. He plays in the Band Shady Frank (guitar & vocals) SHADY FRANK Bluesband Marcus is so-to-speak active as music therapist, playing for the patients of his medical center or at their home or in senior homes. web youtube youtube band: Shady Frank spotify facebook…
  • Björn Rodday
    As singer he is in a sextett Björn Rodday is a MultiTalentDoc singer, conductor of choirs, he is running the cultural center Sayner Hütte near Koblenz on the Rhine river. In Ort Boppard he runs an Opera Studio Operiamo: He is conducting the Landesjugendchor Rheinland-Pfalz (youth choir Rheinland-Pfalz) Björn Rodday is engaged with charity projects:…
  • SOBRAMES – Sociedade Brasileira Medicos Escritores
    SOBRAMES – Sociedade Brasileira Medicos Escritores SOBRAMES-PEDIRETORIAPresidente:Divaldo de Almeida SampaioVice-presidente:Luiz de Gonzaga Braga BarretoTesoureiro:José Fernando de Albuquerque TavaresSecretário:Paulo Camelo de Andrade AlmeidaApoio administrativo:Mariluce Cunha BarretoCasaca de CouroCORPO REDATORIALPaulo Camelo de Andrade AlmeidaDivaldo de Almeida SampaioMelchiades Montenegro FilhoEDITORAÇÃO ELETRÔNICA E IMPRESSÃOPaulo Camelo de Andrade Almeida October 16th thru 19th in Recife, Brazil:XXIX Congresso Brasileiro de Médicos…
  • Erik Brandenburg
    2007 Brandenburg made the second place in the Transsibiria-Rallye. He is also FalconerDoc and drives with the eagle in the Porsche to flying places…. Driver profile Transsibiria Rallye (DE):Name, Vorname: Dr. Brandenburg, ErikAlter: 40Wohnort: Hamburg, DeutschlandGeburtsort: Hamburg, DeutschlandBeruf: ArztFahrzeug: Porsche 911 SafariTeam: Dr. Brandenburg RacingBeifahrer: Preuss, StephanRallye-Erfahrung: Gewinner des Marlboro Adventure-Teams, USA, 1989Camel Trophy Syberia,…
  • CD Mozart Requiem
    CD produced with support of Lossnitzblick Wohnungsbau Dietzenbach
  • Henry Johannes Greten
    Henry Johannes Greten is TenorDoc besides his wide medical range of activities and as one of the pioneers of TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine. 2012 Curriculum Musikmedizin Heidelberg – Henry Johannes Greten, Mario Goncalvez, Wolfgang Ellenberger CDs – Mitwirkung | participating
  • CD O Pfälzer Land, wie schön bist du
    Walter Krick was a baritone singer with folkloristic repertoire.
  • Ferhat Derman
    Since 1990 Dr. med. dent. Ferhat Derman organises the Bad Zwestener Meisterkonzerte There are concerts over the year from piano solo over chamber music up to symphonic orchestra music. Bad Zwestener Meisterkonzerte youtube Portrait HNA work
  • Farhang Logmani
    Since 2002 Dr. Farhang Logmani organises the Bergedorfer Kulturtage, which are becoming a MUSIK- AND THEATERFESTIVAL from 2024. His wife contributes with organisation and a whole team handles the events. These events have positively influenced the entire region. Bergedorfer Musik- und Theaterfestival
  • Jonathan Palmer
    Jonathan Charles Palmer (born 7 November 1956) is a British businessman and former Formula One racing driver. Before opting for a career in motor racing, Palmer trained as a physician at London’s Guy’s Hospital. He also worked as a junior physician at Cuckfield and Brighton hospitals. He is currently the majority shareholder and Chief Executive of MotorSport Vision (MSV), a company…
  • Iain Corness
    Iain Corness (1932 – 30.01.2023) was a leading MGB competitor of the 1960’s. He was born in Northern Ireland in November 1941 and came to Australia as a “10 quid pom”.Gained medical degree in Brisbane and practiced there. He took up amateur racing and eventually developed an MGB into the fastest in the world. This…
  • Falk Guddat
    Falk Guddat is RacingDoc presentation in his web web work
  • CD Trust me, I´m a doctor
    Again the urologist Mannheim Uroband with their lyrics brings it to the point!
  • CD water on!
    testicle torsion shows the humour of the rock song lyrics of the Mnanheim Uroband perfectly!
  • CD Uromania
    Uromania as title already shows the humour of the Mannheim Uroband, the lyrics touch everybody!
  • CD Heile Welt – healthy world
    The rocky Mannheim Uroband sings urogological texts according to their specialisation – laughing guaranteed!
  • CD Outch!
    Outsch! The CD of the Mannheim Uroband consisting of urologists with very sophisticated texts about pain and lust and sung with rocky rock music! Example for song lyrics
  • VHS Trousers down!
    seems to be the only video production of the Mannheim Uroband except a video-technically simple Playlist on youtube
  • CD Mozart violin sonatas – The art of balance
    The production and publishing of this jewel of Mozart´s violin sonatas was done by Wolfgang Ellenberger. The art of balance refers to the golden cut which is in the Andante cantabile of the first track according to an article of Prof. Christoph Hohlfeld.
  • CD Carsten Petermann Guitar
    Carsten Petermann ist psychiatrist and has also studied guitar in Lucerne as well as with great masters of this instrument.
  • Deutsches Ärzteorchester 1999
    CD Deutsches Ärzteorchester 1999-07-17 in Buchen (Odenwald) und im Gasteig 1999-01-23
  • CD12 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Bartok + Brahms
    CD12 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Bartok + Brahms kaufen | buy
  • CD11 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Bruch + Dvorak
    CD11 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Bruch + Dvorak kaufen | buy
  • CD10 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Beethoven + Brahms
    CD10 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Beethoven + Brahms kaufen | buy
  • CD09 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Brahms + Schostakowitsch
    CD09 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Brahms + Schostakowitsch kaufen | buy
  • CD08 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Mozart + Brahms
    CD08 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Mozart + Brahms kaufen | buy
  • CD07 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Beethoven + Franck
    CD07 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Beethoven + Franck kaufen | buy
  • CH06 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Beethoven + Schubert
    CH06 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Beethoven + Schubert kaufen | buy
  • CD05 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Beethoven + Schumann
    CD05 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Beethoven + Schumann kaufen | buy
  • CD04 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Rachmaaninow+Brahms
    CD04 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Rachmaaninow+Brahms kaufen | buy
  • CD03 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Gabrieli+Mozart+Schumann
    CD03 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Gabrieli+Mozart+Schumann kaufen | buy
  • CD02 Boccherini + Tschaikowsky
    CD02 Deutsches Kinderärzteorchester Boccherini + Tschaikowsky Kaufen | buy
  • CD01 Orchester der Deutschen Kinderärzte Elgar + Mendelssohn
    CD01 Orchester der Deutschen Kinderärzte Elgar + Mendelssohn
  • CD New Horizons
    Doctors Orchestra of Houston is now renamed TMCO – Texas Medical Center Orchestra
  • Texas Medical Center Orchestra
    80 members of the Texas Medical Center Orchestra, a group of doctors, nurses, medical students, scientists, dentists, therapists and researchers who’ve banded together to pursue their love of music and share it. They often arrive at weekly practices dressed in scrubs, and their orchestra is a much-needed creative outlet. Bellaire resident Libi Lebel founded the orchestra…